Kids Japanese Language Lesson!!

We teach Japanese customs and nursery rhymes to your kids!!

Don’t worry even your child cannot speak Japanese at all. We use many effective education materials to approach to your kids. Approaching the second language in early years of child’s life comes out the effective result in the future.

We provide many activities such as games, crafts, music, origami, and cooking sometime!


We believe in providing a high quality, safe and nurturing environment for our early childhood program. This will ensure a positive continuation of the child’s educational progress which is essential in their physical, social, emotional, lingual and cognitive development. Many researches show that early childhood education program is important in building up their personality and learning motivation in which will affect their future.



Mum & Baby Class: 2 years old

Kindy Class: 3years old, 4years old

Pre-Primary Class: 5years old, 6years old

Primary School Class: 7-8years old

(Level 1 & Level 2)


Tutor: Teacher visits your place for lesson


Duration: (4Lessons/month)

Baby Class: 40min/lesson 

Kindy Primary School Class 60min/lesson 

Lesson fees and other enquilies please contact us on kokoronospa@gmail.com

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