Early Childhood Development

Do you know most brain development happens before a child reaches three years old?

Surprisingly, in a short 36 months, children develop their abilities to think and speak, learn and reason and lay the foundation for their values and social behaviour as adults.

The effects of what happens during the prenatal period and during the earliest months and years of child’s life can last a life time. All the key ingredients of emotional intelligence – confidence, curiosity, intentionality, self-confidence, relatedness, capacity to communicate and cooperativeness -  that determine how a child learns and relates in school and in life in general, depends on the kind of early care he or she receives from parents, pre-school teachers and caregivers. It is, of course, never too late for children to improve in their health and development, to learn new skills, overcome fears or change their beliefs. But, as is more often the case, when children don’t get the right start, they never catch up or reach their full potential.

There are the right timing and approach, which are the very important to deal with the child developments.

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